This Is What A Transwoman looks Like

Posted: September 10, 2009 in Autogynephilia 2008

I give a positive message about male femininity.

  1. Stephanie says:

    Male femininity?

    Is this some kind of post-modernist spoof?

  2. Dee Ann Scott says:

    You sir, are a JACKASS. STFU and mind your own business.
    You do NOT speak for me.

  3. Anonymous says:

    what the fuck is wrong with you.
    you’re making us look bad.

  4. Anonymous says:

    No woman in her right mind would want facial hair. I think you are just a gay guy who doesn’t want to be known as gay. Can’t face being gay, eh?

  5. Jasper Gregory says:

    Anonymous, Actually I know a lot of Queer women in San Francisco with beards. It is part of Body-Positivity here in Queer San Francisco. You make the cliched accusation that I can’t face my gayness. You have no slot for MAB (Male At Birth) Femininity except a Gay Flamer or MAB’s who get electrolysis and choose to present as FAB. I combine an innately femme sense of self with a MAB presentation. I am a fashion activist creating spaces for visible MAB femininity. I assure you this is not an easy that Mab presenting femininity is no easy street.

  6. Jasper Gregory says:

    The statement “you are making us look bad” is interesting, because of the importance ascribing a shared identity category.
    Oh so you are a Mab presenting Femme Gender non-conformist too? Yay, now we can have two members of this identity category.

  7. Jasper Gregory says:

    The identity politics are interesting again. Dee says that I should “Shut The Fuck Up.” This is outrage as a silencing tactic.
    I agree with Dee that I do not speak for her, but I am free to speak openly about gender without being silenced.

  8. Jasper Gregory says:

    Sorry Stephanie, feminism in San Francisco has strongly influenced by Foucault & Butler. Are you guys still mired in Modernism?

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