Right Wing Transphobic Transsexuals Hate On Jasper

Posted: September 13, 2009 in Troll Wars

Kate on

Ariablue is right, the transgender are becoming terrified we have finally stood up to the nonsense they are. We’ve organized and our numbers increase by the day,…

This quote is from a right wing gender fundamentalist on the blog sophiaofthescythes.wordpress.com. Kate represents a Transgender hating group of transsexual fundamentalists who reject the legitimacy of all non-operative trans-people.
They go under the labels HBS, Women Born Transsexual, Classical Transsexual and “Real” Transsexual. They are filled with hate for Transgenders and represent a transphobic and homophobic movement among transsexual women.

sophia of the scythes has become a refuge for this right wing hate faction. Sophia wrote a long post in which she mischaracterizes my viewpoints. I do not think she has even tried to understand them. She just falsely associates my views with Zucker and Blanchard, the hate figures of their proto-fascist movement. She then goes on to associate me with reparative therapy. I will not bother to repeat that nonsense.
She blatantly misquotes me and then declines to give a link to my video. Hate figures like her are not really interested in anyone checking the original source. Unfortunateley, this crap is being quoted on other forums

I will correct the misconception that I think Transsexuality is social.

  • I accept Swaab’s research on the hypothalmus difference between transwomen and typical males.
  • Unfortunately the “real” transsexuals are misinterpreting Swaab’s results. He has never dissected the brain of non-transsexual transgenders.
  • The “Real” Transsexuals have zero evidence when they say they have a different Brain chemistry from me.
  • I believe that when Swaab’s research is extended it will be shown that he has found a biological basis for instinctual gendered behavior, not transsexuality.

The comments are comical.
The “Real” Transsexuals start out ignorantly bashing me, all transgenders and the LGBT movement. This one from Kate was particularly nasty:

All I can say is that the most appropriate thing to do with [Jasper]would be to torture him with ‘reparative therapy’ for his own good and maybe some shocks and drugs for good measure.

Here is one from Sophia

I have come to the conclusion that Jasper is a misogynist

That has to be that funniest thing I have read. Hate has clearly adled Sophia’s brain. Whatever….


Jasper says that transsexual women should accept that they were born men.

You people really don’t get. I said accept that you are born biologically, somatically-male and biologically, behaviorally-female. I am saying that we are biologically both male and female. Man is a gender identity. None of us are men.

susan says

Jasper isn’t even transgender. Mister Jasper is nothing but a piggish misogynistic dickwad.

That’s classy!

Halfway in though it becomes a fistfight between Lisa of QuestioningTransphobia and the proto-fascist “Real” Transsexuals. The true transgender hate came out of the closet and gets directed at Lisa.
It is instructive to read, if you want to see how transphobic this right-wing transsexual movement is.

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  2. I will say, fully cognizant of the fact that one tends to bring the biases of their field into view, that the decision not to transition is usually based on the price. If there were a pill you could take tomorrow that would make you the girl of your dreams, cost a dollar a year, and had no side-effects, heck, if you could go down to the DMV and change the ticky box on your ID without a raised eyebrow, most people who identify with a gender that their bodies don’t readily accommodate would be on that pill like nori on sushi. You probably would be more female presenting if it were less effort, was less dangerous, hell, you said so yourself in your previous entry. And yeah, that doesn’t make you any less trans, just less dysphoric is all. You’re rather lucky in that, sister.

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