You Degender Me I Degender You

Posted: September 16, 2009 in Troll Wars

The Right Wing Transwomen have been disputing the authenticity of my womanness. See this vitriolic post by Suzan

There is a misogynistic dick trying to make a name for hmself by running around claiming to be a lesbian

Jasper has a collection of photos that show him to be a sort of creapy pervert exercising the male gaze in a manner that constitutes a virtual visual rape of the women he objectifies.

Put up or STFU, Jasper. Real people with transsexualism or transgenderism commit their lives and bodies to it.

Notice the right wing trope of calling art photography perverted. I exhibited at the National Queer Arts Festival, thank you very much. Judge my work for yourselves.

As I wrote in my last post:
If you recognize my authenticity I will recognize yours!
If you deny my authenticity I will deny yours!

You see Suzan, I do not believe that political correctness serves transgender people. I am more of a Bash Back kind of woman. You degender me, I degender you.

Suzan you say I am man, misogynist and pervert. I say that you are a man, and I find your attempt to speak for all women bigotted and chauvinistic.
Either we are inclusive, in which case we are both women, or we can have a narrow definition of woman as somatically-female, in which case you are a man trying to embody a sterotypical idea of womanness. You choose!

I would also like to point out that the Wingnut Transwomen are constantly degendering Monica Helms as “Mr. Helms”. See this nasty post by Just Jennifer.

So Jennifer I would like to formally add you to my honor role of biggoted somatic males trying to appropriate and reserve womanness for your narrow minded selves

  1. riki says:

    You leave out the most important of Suzan’s comments:
    “He tells actual WBTs and transgender folks they should live like him and be out without actually doing with our lives that which defines one as transsexual or transgender. ”
    This is surely the biggest problem for most of your critics – that you are telling other trans people how to live their lives and that the desire for GRS is some sort of false consciousness.
    You don’t need to do this in order to enlarge the culturally intellligible space for gender variant somatic males like yourself (or myself for that matter).
    Whatever labels you want to use, people who have a strongly felt need to alter their bodies to suit their gender identity have a quite different liveds experience to those who don’t. And again, people who feel the need to transition socially but not physically are different to people who don’t feel any need to transition.
    Rather than focussing your fire on people who identify as transsexual and dont want to be subsumed under the transgender umbrella, how about commenting on the attacks from actual right wingers – the loonies who oppose health care reform because it is socialism and might conceivably cover GRS; the attacks on Caster Semenya’s right to compete against other women come to moind as immediately topical.
    Effective politics is about recognising differences and making alliances, not attacking those who could be allies.
    You have a very aggressive style of writing – constantly attacking other people’s views. So your recent plea for the authenticity of your womanhood seems a little odd in the context of your overall gender abolitionist approach. It appears to be a purely rhetorical device to attack people.
    Also – your comments seem generally ill informed and lacking in much evidence of research.
    In terms of passing, please read Sandy Stone’s Post Transsexual Manifesto – the originary point for much Transgender theorising, but which is actually saying to transsexual people that they should voluntarily drop the privilege of passsing in order to ‘read themselves into the culture’. It also has the important reminder about ‘totalizing” accounts of trans, when she “speaks the forgotten word … The word is some.” All accounts of gender variant expereince are partial – no-one can speak for all the others, much less lay down how they should live their lives.

  2. g531 says:

    Riki brings up excellent points. The baiting that takes place within identity politics hinders the possibility of combatting the repression associated with those of us who seek to affirm through our expression and our autonomy the possibilities of our lived experiences.
    The material realities that inhibit GRS for some is real and I have seen minimally addressed in blogs I have come across advocating for transsexualism and transgender identities. Also, gender binaries in and of themselves are tools we often use against each other to better inform how one should conform to our expectations of how to perform and publicize our sexuality and gender expression, as if there aren’t material consequences to such–even,as your blog demonstrates ‘among our own,’ which then begs the question, who can be part of ‘us’?

  3. g531 says:

    Jasper, the last sentence of my comment starting with “Also, gender binaries,,.” If you approve, can you delete that as it came out the wrong way. I reread it now and don’t like the homogenizing of sexual orientation and gender identity/expression, in which I am engaging. It is important to examine how one resists oppression and poverty by engaging in ‘conforming’ but it does not mean they/we are closeting ourselves. Setting ‘boundaries’ and parameters is exactly what you are trying to call attention to, which is important, but it’s also important to recognize the distinction. While there are overlaps, there are also clear distinctions.

  4. Xanni says:

    LOOOLWUT? Let Caster Semenya compete with women? The person who wrote this obviously is not and had never been an athlete and is not familiar with basic human physiology. Sorry this will not happen and Semenya will be either boycotted or will remain known as a cheater. Testosterone (including pre-natal and pre-pubertal exposure to it) gives various advantages, from higher VO max, muscle mass and strength, to numerous other. Sorry, Semenya can not compete with genetic females and must compete in the Open category (there’re 2 categories: female and open). Source: -transgendered athlete

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