First Steps | photoblog October 2008

Posted: December 24, 2009 in Autogynephilia 2008

Burning Man Decompression | October 2008

I have re-published my photoblog pieces from October 2008. Click here for the set:…
October 2008 was the beginning of my artistic journey. I was wearing my first Urban Genderqueer outfit outside of Black Rock City. I grabbed my camera during Burning Man Decompression and started approaching strangers and asking for their pictures. I worked non-stop for five hours. I built rapport with hundreds of people, while presenting as genderqueer. I started this project of documenting the people I built rapport with, This has remained a major part of my work.
– I also got strangers to photograph me in my genderqueer outfits. In this case the strangers were documenting me and their rapport with me.
I was exploring gender in San Francisco, using both text and image. the photoblog posts contained in this set were all published on Flickr as well as <a href="; rel="nofollow"></a>

— I started midoctober, so these photos represent a period where I first started moving towards conscious use of feminine markers like color and tightness.
— I started writing and publishing descriptions of my street fashion photos. To begin with it was a way to make myself publish. I was using streetfashion sites like The Sartorialist as an intial model.
— This series of street fashion gave me ideas for color combinations. I started collecting cotton basics for women because they had had color and an elegant fit unlike the Men’s cotton which was colored in the palette of army fatigues. Escaping the drab colors and baggy fit of men’s clothing was like a liberation.
— The model for my fashion were the hip trans-masculine Female-Born that I saw at Screwup, the bdsm goup for transflok and genderqueers.
–I was spending a lot of time shopping in the thrift stores.
— I also started scrounging around Dolores Park and Hippie Hill in the Haight looking for interesting fashion to document.
— I was just starting my four month lesbian relationship with Anka. Anka was transitioning from anti-male dyke to straight girl. All she knew was relating to girls, she gave me space to be a girl and mentored me on and Women’s Homosocial Interaction and Lesbian Culture.
-I made new friends among the Barrista’s at the coffeeshop "On The Corner" they provided the social support network for my first steps towards public crossdressing. Rebecca and Emily at Venus Superstar also became friends and coached me on fashion and makeup.
– I had started bonding with Female-Born Femmes around makeup and clothing. I was exploring Femme Sociality, and found that it felt like coming home.


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