Queer Fat Femme Fashion | Hot Pink Leggings

Posted: January 1, 2010 in Troll Wars

Queer Fat Femme Fashion | Hot Pink Leggings

Dec 31 2009
This was taken at Four Barrels on Valencia. I love M.’s outfit. Queer Fat Girls in San Francisco are creating a new sex-positive fat fashion.
This outfit is typical in a few ways:
1) Fitted silhouette – The leggings and dress emphasize her form rather than hiding it. She has a great hourglass form and she shows it. She is not running from her beautiful belly like mainstream fat fashion tries. The belly can’t be hidden on any body without losing the body’s lines.
2) Femme – Femmy clothing works well on really femmy bodies. I see fitted dresses, skirts and leggings
3) Bright Colors and Makeup- I love M.’s Hot Pink Leggings. Her pinup style makeup is perfect.

Overall she achieves a sexy confidence by embracing her form and working with it.

I made a one minute video where I talk about this photo. You can find it and other Body Positive art at: http://emansipashun.jasperswardrobe.com/topics/bodypositive/


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