Posted: January 5, 2010 in Fat Fashion

Burnal Equinox 2009, San Francisco

Reposted from my emansipashun website. It too confusing to have two sites, so I am consolidating.

Dec 9 2009
Last spring I came out on my blog. Not as gender variant, I had done that months earlier. I came out as a Chubchaser. It was utterly ironic that I felt more social support adopting the ‘Transgender’ category than I did in publicly stating that I prefer chubby girls. Hegemonic american culture has a really strange, subtle, taboo on Sexual Desire for fat girls. It is subtle because it does not incite phobic reactions but involuntary laughter and social discomfort. It is kind of like the taboos about bisexuality among dykes.
Preferring chubby girls is incompatible with ‘successful masculinity.’ Somehow the discursive space I grew up in, found it very important to declare Fat Bodies undesirable and to shun them. This social logic of fat = undesirable is maintained by declaring this form of desire a fetish rather than a legitimate desire. If I desire the undesirable I lose the coveted title of ‘Normal.’

The Photo
This photo was taken at Burnal Equinox 2009, a Burning Man Event in San Francisco.
Burning Man is a body positive event that lets us all play with fashion. All the rules are gone. It is a straight queer space. Like this girl, I took the opportunity to explore self-objectification and fashion. At Burning Man and other sex positive events we learn that truly every body is sexy when shown with confidence. Social Domination is exercised through this Nietzschean ‘bad conscience’, the shame we feel about our bodies, sexualities and genders. The body shame we feel as Fatgirls or for our Male Femininity is where power directly intervenes in our minds, bodies and lives. All of our bodies are a site of political struggle. (Straight) Queer spaces support this kind of micropolitics which is voiced as positive action and expression.

more Body Positive Art…


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