Selling My Body: Part I

Posted: January 14, 2010 in Autogynephilia 2008

In an act of sheer desperation. I am selling my ass to buy youtube views. Since my cleavage not that spectacular. I am doing a cheescake video in my tights. I show my ass at its most spankable. Anything for art and commerce, right? I try to make my scandalous outfit seem functional by showing you the innate femininity of my sexy ass and thighs.
Category: People & Blogs

  1. polly says:

    Just call your vid something with the word ‘lesbian’ in the title J, should work. Nice leggings BTW.

  2. Jasper Gregory says:

    That does seem to work, but how many of those people make it past 10 seconds of the video? On Flickr, my outfits with tights got more traffic than any any pictures portraits of Fabs. A lot of those views were from Mab Femmes who are trying to figure out their gender, but are limited to solo crossdressing.
    An interesting tidbit a tranny porn star told me. “Most of my fans are Feminine Males.” These are the Gynophiles who are in the closet that Hegemonic Culture creates for Mab Femmes. Maybe I could put male lesbian in the title. Closeted Mab Femmes often try to understand themselves through the identity category of “Male Lesbian.” I flirted with it briefly. In a sense the term Male Born Dyke still describes me. But, ID’ing that way is like painting a target on my forehead for political lesbians in SF. It will be seen through the framework of appropriation and will be met with ridicule.

  3. Jasper Gregory says:

    @polly Interesting Note. I posted it on my flickr account. Here are statistics on how the first +- 40 people found it.
    The two tags Ass and crossdresser brought half of the total.

    1 /photos/tags/ass/ 13
    2 A contact’s home page 9
    3 Searched for: tights 8
    4 /photos/friends/ 6
    5 /photos/tags/crossdresser/ 5
    6 /photos/tags/Transgender/ 1
    7 /photos/42394098@N04/ 1
    8 /photos/tags/spanking/ 1
    9 /apps/video/control.swf.v71377 1
    10 /photos/99431928@N00/ 1
    11 /photos/friends/page3/ 1
    12 Searched for: sexiest 1
    13 /photos/tags/.ass/ 1
    14 Searched for: cleavage 1
    15 /photos/tags/thighs/ 1
    16 Searched for: spank 1
    17 /photos/tags/legs/ 1
    18 Searched for: ass 1
    19 Searched for: spanking 1
    20 /search/advanced_QM_q_IS_tights_AND_s_IS_rec 1
    21 Searched for: transgender 1
    22 Searched for: crossdresser 1

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