Male Lesbian Fashion statement. My outfit at Oakland Ecstatic Dance.

Posted: July 16, 2010 in 2010

This outfit pushed some boundaries, even for me. Ecstatic Dance takes place on Sunday Morning in a Beautiful Grand Ballroom. I felt very public in my blending of gender. A male shoulder blade is almost never put in a feminine display like this.
The main point here, is the publicity of the Male Body. Female bodies are a part of “the public”. Male bodies are only visible as muscled and dominating. The male seductress is cause for moral panic.
I believe that this is not just an object of passing curiosity, but a crucial underpinning of how binary gender is formed. Feminists have written about the double standards, and the objectification of the female body for years. I contend that the problem lies not in the visibility of the female body but in the invisibility of the receptive male body and the male emotional being in public discourse. I contend that the social genders of “modern man” are a disfiguring force in the lives of straight males. Having to “be a man” stunts our emotional and social development as a gender.


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