Reigniting the Enlightenment Project by Banishing the Superstition of Gender

Posted: August 17, 2010 in 2010

August 3, 2010 | Berkeley, CA | Boy Street Fashion & Street Art


This outfit is Jasper in High Boy. This is the masculine leg of my Gender Dialectic. This is the fashion retreat where I am in hiding. I learn a lot during these camouflaged periods. However by not giving publicity to my feminine gender, I pay a price. My connections with other women become more formal and distant. I stop performing homo-social contact with other women. A part of me withers, a part that is emotional and vulnerable, and thus begins the dialectic swing back towards Public Femininity.

I have started to think the word interiority as Habermas uses it, describes this “Place” within me that is developed in Girl Society and made Unrepresentable in Boy Society. The Masculine gender is inscribed through the magic trick of making male interiority disappear, this is related to the phenomenon of Male clothing hiding the body. In a very strange sense male are treated as abstract socio-linguistic entities in the Public Sphere, while female bodies and interiorities are both seen and talked about in Public.  I represent a new movement of Males who want to exist as fully developed human beings, but find the social constraints of The social Gender “Man” to be too constraining, so we identify publicly as Woman.

I feel that this is a continuation of the Enlightenment project and the struggle for Individual Liberty. I contend that our social practices of Institutional Education and a centralized mass-media Public Sphere reproduce the social practices of gender. The free, decentralize media ecosystem of Twitter publicity plus the giant cloud-based Audio-Visual-Textual Databases like Youtube, Flickr, and WordPress, finally allows us to continue the enlightenment project of banishing superstitions like the rigid dichotomies of Sex, Gender and Sexuality. 


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