Virtual Tour of San Francisco’s Queer Counterpublic Street Fashion

Posted: August 18, 2010 in 2010

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Gay Pride, Dyke March & Pink Saturday

This is version 1.1 of my Dancing Jasper Map. It is an example of the relatively unknown medium of Locative Data Art. I am using the Geo Spatial Search capabilities of Flickr and Programmable Google Maps to create a complex cartographic representation of my my deterritorializing line-of-flight through Queer Carnaval Space on the afternoon of June 26th 2010.

One of the themes of my recent work is how to publicize and broadcast ethnographic data from a counterpublic. These kinds of images usually propagate within the boundaries of one Counterpublic such as (mostly white) Lesbian and Gay Hipster, Mainstream Gay, Transgender, Transsexual, Queer People of Color, or the panopoly of straight counterpublics. Publicity tends to be intra-public rather than inter-public. The Social media tend to reinforce these dynamics as individuals act as distributed filters for what reaches the Interior of the Counterpublic.

When mobiles like Photos cross the membranes of the counterpublics they change meanings. To use Bruno Latour’s language they are not faithful allies. Images do not transmit my intent, or the intent of the original “fashion statement” as they circulate.

A audiovisual data archive like Flickr undermines these membranes between publics to some extent. But my “immutable mobiles”, my images are decontextualized on Flickr as individual photographs. They are absorbed into the FlickrSphere, and abstracted away from Ethnographic and Counterpublic Context. In a sense Flickr commodifies the photos within the framework of the Attention economy. They become an attention commodity. I get thousand of eyeballs a day, but these eyeballs are instantiated as consumers, rather than as members of my Art-Public.

This Temporal map is an iteration of my goal to create a different kind of Immutable Mobile. This is photographic data that refuses to be decontextualized. 

The javascript code for this piece is Open Sourced under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial license I created the psycho-geo Google Project to house the code for my Locative Data Art. . Please reuse and remix it. Drop me a line if you would like to get involved.



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