Post (trans) gender fashion at Burning Man

Posted: October 1, 2010 in 2010

This is my favorite Burning Man outfit. Burning Man is the one place where my creativity is my only limit on my public persona. As males we get to take a page from the girls’ and Queens’ books. We collapse the dichotomies of gender through action and publicity rather than through words.

I went to to the Playa with three basic fashion ideas which applied sexy women’s fashion memes to an unapologetically male body:
1) Penis Pride – I was raised to feel shame for my penis, and to hide even its outline. This leads to baggy shorts. I was inspired by all of the penis-centric fashion I saw this year at San Francisco Gayboy events. The leopard pants are one result.
2) Long Socks – Long socks/ boots/ leg warmers. combines with short shorts, a thong or leggings is a fashion meme that women employ all of the time. It has the paradoxical effect of looking more clothed and being more scandalous at the same time. Less is more!
3) Strategically bared chest/belly/shoulder – This is again inspired by the Fashion of Femininity. Framing a square of furry chest or belly has a stronger effect than going shirtless. Feminine fashion memes play with this fact all of the time.

Is this still crossdressing? it certainly is not transgender anymore. It violates norms of masculine fashion without aspiring to female anatomy. It is post (trans) gender fashion.

  1. adellesy says:

    i am making a painting of this beautiful and intriguing photo!

  2. Jasper Gregory says:

    Please let me know when it is done.

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