Becoming-Woman-Desire: Towards A Sex Positive Conception Of Auto-Gynephilia (tags: deleuze NonDualGender pdf)

Posted: October 14, 2010 in 2010

Anne Laurence is a male to female (MTF) transsexual and a self-identified Auto-gynephile. (an erotic interest in the thought or image of oneself as a woman). She builds off of Blanchard’s theories of Male Femininity as a Desire Disorder. The theory has been labeled as “Evil”within LGBT because it sees both male crossdressers and MTFs as the same phenomenon of Becoming-Woman-Desire. In this theory, the difference between a Trans-Lesbian and me, Jasper are a number of life decisions. Notice that having a strong, urgent Becoming-Woman-Desire is not a choice, but choosing to become a transsexual is a choice. The Desire is not a choice, but our ways of manifesting our Becoming-Woman-Desire in the world are. Anno 2010 in San Francisco there are lots of new choices for us to retain male anatomy and participate in Deleuzian voyages of becoming-woman. 

autogynephilia,_a_paraphilic_model_of_GID.pdf Download this file

This document by Laurence is the most complete examination of autogynephilia.
  1. The paraphilia model pathologizes kink and fetish. The new DSM has updated the philias to say that they are only a problem when they are a problem for the patient. The basic typology of objects of desire is not necessarily a problem.
  2.  Blanchard brings desire and kink into the discussion. This does not stigmatize desire it creates a space for discussability. This is a sex positive move.
  3. Blanchard does not offer an adequate model for the nature or source of Becoming-Woman-Desire. I suggest that Deleuze for a pragmatic, non-dual, Univocal model of desire.
  4. Because Blanchard is looking for Pathology he excludes gay femmeboys, nancy boys, sissies, twinks, faeries and queens from the concept. I would argue that femmy gay man is a life choice open to androphiles with Becoming-Woman-Desire. Unfortunately, Femme behavior is stigmatized and repressed in the 2010 gay world. Hostility to MTF Transsexuals is widespread and intense in San Francisco’ gayboy scene.
  5. Blanchard distinguishes androphylic, teenage gender transitioners from middle-aged Autogynephiles. I find this dualism spurious. Androphile crossdressers are often put on a course to manifest Becoming-Woman-Desire. Gay boy culture, for instance, offers many affordances for exploring Femmeboy Self-Expression. 
  6. For in depth discussion from an Autogynephile point of view see Jack Molay’s site
  7.  I have a sexual orientation in which I am the desired rather than desirer. I am turned on by a woman’s turn on for me. This is considered normal for a woman and deviant for a man.
  8. In support of the last point. Charles Moser of San Francisco’s Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality has done fascinating research which show that up to 93% of women in his test group had had Autogynephylic Fantasies.

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