After Anti-Male-Ism: Social Imaginary Poster Art #1

Posted: October 23, 2010 in 2010


I was inspired by Erika’s Comic Blog to draw my thoughts.

This is a drawn blog. This is a new foray. Here are 10 reasons why I am excited about Comic Blogging.

  1. I am relearning to interact with a paper and pen. 
  2. The comic medium evokes a self-reflexive narrative style rather than “the view from nowhere”
  3. The comic medium allows me to speak of imaginary futures and pasts.
  4. Laptop writing separates me from the magic around me, I am locked in an abstract space 
  5. A drawing pad pulls me and my eye out into the exterior. 
  6. I can be in the flow of lettering while maintaining social presence and visual thinking.
  7. I treat the medium as immutable. I swear off editing myself post facto. It is embarrassingly authentic. 
  8. Print this out real big and it becomes a poster. Print it on a t-shirt and it becomes political fashion.
  9. I like the “Thingness” of the paper.
  10. As an Image this medium propagates through tumblr, facebook and flickr

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