Social Studies of Psychiatry: Towards an Ethnography of DSM Knowledge/Power Production

Posted: November 5, 2010 in 2010

* This Cornell graduate course syllabus looks great. Leuenberger is virtually alone in writing about this on the Internet  

* the whole syllabus is worth a look. It is a great curation of up to date Ethnography of Science and Technology


Making People through Expert Knowledge

S&TS 6271, Spring 2009 Dr. Christine Leuenberger Department of Science & Technology Studies

week 8: Social Studies of Psychiatry

  • Eaton William W. “The Social Construction of Bizarre Behaviors” in The Sociology of Mental Disorders (Praeger. 2001), pp. 1-44. 
  • Kirk Stuart A. and Herb Kutchins, The Selling of DSM: The Rhetoric of Science in Psychiatry (NY: Aldine de Gruyter, 1992), pp. 1-12; 17-28; 219-248. 
  • Cookey Elisabeth C. and Phil Brown. “Spinning on its axes: DSM and the social construction of psychiatric diagnosis. “ International Journal of Health Services 1998. 28/3: 525-554. 
  • Conrad Peter and D. Potter. “From Hyperactive children to ADHD Adults; observations on the expansion of medical categories’, in Social Problems. 2000. 47/4: 559-582. On-line on Blackboard. 
  • Parkinson McCarthy L. “A Psychiatrist using DSM-III: The Influence of a Charter Document in Psychiatry”, in Charles Bazerman and James Paradis, Textural Dynamics of the Professions (Madison: The University of Wisconsin Press, 1991), pp. 358-378.

STS 6271 SP09 – Leuenberger.pdf Download this file


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