Pan-Gendered Universalism 2 | Trans-Victimization Narrative and Particularism | tags: Badiou & Zizek

Posted: November 17, 2010 in Autogynephilia 2010

I have been very inspired by Badiou’s discussion of Paul role in founding the Christian Assemblage. His Roman Universalism triumphed over the Jewish Communitarianism of of the existing Jerusalem. He triumphed over Identity Politics to form an expansionary Universalist Meme. If Zizek and Badiou we can understand the Cultural Logic of Universalism by studying his authentic writings.
It is a study of how to reboot identity politics. The San Francisco Left has degraded into self Ghettoization and Closure. Badiou asks how Paul created a Social Imaginary of Liberation, which has no Us and (hereditary) Them.


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