Homosocial Erotics, Female Autogynephilia, and the Transsexual Crusade against Autogynephilia

Posted: November 20, 2010 in Autogynephilia 2010

(Homosocial erotics, Jasper being “one of the girls” )

Jasper sez
*This is a very interesting. article. 


by Hontas Farmer
 http://www.science20.com/quantum_gravity/blog/according_moser_autogynephilia_…  sez (((My comments))):
“autogynephilia is interpreted, by the [trans] activist, to imply that male to female transsexuals are really men with dirty male sexual motivations.  As opposed to their being true women with a feminine essence, or female gender identity.

“Charles Moser’s study found that By the common definition of ever having erotic arousal to the thought or image of oneself as a woman, 93% of the respondents would be classified as autogynephilic.  Using a more rigorous definition of “frequent” arousal to multiple items, 28% would be classified as autogynephilic.”

…   “There is an assumption that administering the same sexual arousal related question to males and females and getting the same answers means the same things.  A straight woman being aroused while getting ready for a date with a man is probably plainly aroused by the man. (((I strongly disagree)))  A anatomical male being aroused by the thought of knitting in a circle with women and being one of them, as Blanchard describes in one of his papers (Bailey 2003) is something else, I’m sure. (((In practice, knitting is probably not that homoerotic, but putting on makeup and false nails together definitely is)))

… “Never the less Moser’s finding is pretty much uncritically embraced by the trans activists without much thought.  After all it proves wrong one of Blanchard’s minor conjectures.  My question is…

“Will Moser’s finding cause a eruption of transsexual women who once found the notion of autogynephilia abhorrent and inherently offensive coming out as autogynephilic? Does this give them the cover to say “real women” do it too?

“For a long time now many trans activists ( i.e.  Andrea James, Lynn Conway, Joelle Ruby Ryan and the illustrious professor Dierdre McCloskey) have crusaded against the very notion of autogynephilia (((These are the Janice Raymond’s of the Trans Movement))), or denied the very existence of autogynephilia.  A few less well known transsexuals claimed, often on Internet bulletin boards, that natal women could experience autogynephilia.  Others have formulated a concept they call being a woman born transsexual who suffers from “Harry Benjamin Syndrome“. 

“Women in those two groups and their like minded cohorts have at times sought to vilify psychologist, especially sexologist and have the whole field declared a pseudo-science.  A very small group of transwomen have publicly embraced the concept of autogynephilia, such as Anne Lawrence, and Willow Arune.  The transactivist have had a tendency to insult those transwomen who came out as autogynephilic such as Lawrence and Arune.

“Look at the websites of these people and consider what I am about to say.  A brief look will be all it takes to get the drift of how each feels about this issue.

“The transactivist claim that autogynephilia is based on pseudo science.  That it is automatically offensive and hurtful and stigmatizing to those who are labeled with it.   That autogynephilia is just the work of a transphobic quack named Ray Blanchard.  They call those who come out and talk about experiencing autogynephilia like Anne Lawrence and Willow Arune horrible names, call them men, call them perverts.

They call for the closing down of the research clinic where Blanchard works, (((shades of Janice Raymond))) and the firing of researchers who use this terminology in their work. Rather than treating this as an academic and scientific dispute, which can be resolved through those channels, it has been turned into an extremely polarized political issue. (((We have entered an age of identity terrorism)))

“Basically Moser’s study if  confirmed means the trans-activist are dead wrong. (((my emphasis))) For any one of them to back down from the extreme positions they have taken on this matter would be the
hugest flip flop of the century! (((Another flip flop was when LGBT stopped supporting Janice Raymond against the Transsexuals)))

Why I Blog This:
*Hontas Farmer’s analysis from Spring 2009 is very far sighted. Moser’s research reframes Autogynephilia as a sexuality, an erotic relation-to-self which is shared by male autogynephiles and females.


I just want to add that there is often a “homo-eroticism” of being one of the girls or one of the boys. Women’s bonding over makeup or sex a la Sex in The City, has a distinct erotic charge. This was a frequent art theme for me last year, although I did not yet have the term autogynephilia. Take a look at this video


I would like to point out that the (lesbian) “queer femme” identity is all about “Loving the self as woman”, the erotics of Femme, and viewing femme as drag.

Queer Femme is essentially the first political movement of Homeo-vestites.


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