Jasper, The Happy Male Lesbian

Posted: November 24, 2010 in Autogynephilia 2010

I am creating a queer gender for straight males. Lest’s call it Male-Lesbian Queer, A queer with a male-lesbian flavor.
I am a queer in whom the social imaginaries of Male and Lesbian unite. Brrrng showed my video in her Transgressive Bodies class. She said it caused a lively discussion. She wrote “While (as a female lesbian) I may not agree with your use of the ‘lesbian’ label, what the heck, I’ll accept you anyway, as I find you rather intriguing…”.

Perhaps Brrng and I can meet midway. Rather than being a Male-Flavor Lesbian, I can be a Male-Lesbian Flavor Queer, which is in turn a flavor of (very) Queer Femme. I share the problem of Femme invisibility with Lesbian Femmes and Fat Femmes. Positive representations do not propagate through the commercialized media ecologies. 

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