The Erotics Of Everyday Life @ Mama Buzz, Oakland, Next Week!

Posted: November 27, 2010 in Autogynephilia 2010

This flier for my Art Murmur show next week. 


It is of couse a provocation. I am taking fetish street fashion out of a Queer context and injecting it into the Art Murmur hivemind. Let’s shake Oakland up a little bit. 

This flier is a Coming-Out-Femme, and has a huge significance for me. This fashion expresses a Radical Faery embodiment, Male-Body-Loving-Femme. My constant re-coming-out has been a major drive of my blogging and youtubing. It is now lurching out of cyberspace and onto the walls of Mama Buzz Gallery for the month of December.

I am doing a media blitz by publishing the show in a glossy magcloud magazine, Layar Augmented Reality and an Ipad Magazine, more on that later.





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