Radical Lesbian Bigotry Towards The Male-Bodied

Posted: June 23, 2011 in 2010

I started this conversation up 1 year ago. It still deserves airing. I woke up this morning to a long rant from the radical lesbian @ThruthSpeaker1010. It pissed me off so I tweeted

 @TruthSpeaker1010 you are obviously too stupid for my vlog. Take your lesbian victim narrative back to the radical feminist ghetto.

For you further entertainment, I have included the stimulating commentary from the YouTube-o-sphere.

—–youtube comments——————-


  • by the way, chris crocker, the tranny who was taking hormone injections and identified as a girl while he was talking about revolting and grotesque female genitals are, like most gay men and transexuals do, yah, well he’s not a tranny anymore. he’s back to being a dude. right back into his white male privilege. he’s also posting pictures of little cock on his tumblr. i’m sure you’ll love those. don’t say i never gave you anything. you and he cut from the same woman hating cloth.

  • not to mention you make absolutely no sense whatsoever in the vlog and contradict yourself about 50 times. the 13 year olds on youtube might think you’re smashing but women with brains know you for what you really are. a fraud.

  • Karl Marx had and 8 yo slave that he had sex with regularly. She had a child when she was 14 who he refused to acknowledge. He left his family in poverty.

    Get the fuck off your psychotic trip dude, you wouldn’t know misogyny if it dick slapped you in the fucking face. STFU and talk about shit you know, like your sweaty balls.

  • 4. and your MALE ass and your vile rapist maleness to a tranny queer party and STFU. WTF is your obsession with being let in to lesbian spaces you fucking freaks? well tough shit, it never HAS nor will it EVER HAPPEN no matter HOW much aggro SLANDER & LIES you spread. get the fuck over it, you will NEVER dominate us like you do w your fag hag bisexual unstable drug addict female slut friends. tough shit for you and your transexual woman hating author friend, chief manure spreaders. fuck off.

  • 3. men and women are not physically equal. no matter how much aquamarine eyeshadow you put on or who gets their genitals mutilated off. there is still a major physical advantage so get a better benchmark, duder, of what the fuck you are comparing women to.you are a man, with male brain chemistry. sorry but black ppl are allowed to have their black spaces w/o being invaded by white rich males feeling the need to invade, and so are women. get over your misogynist piggery. take your white ass…

  • 2. embarrassingly MISOGYNIST and embarrassingly so who will take the first opportunity to assault feminist lesbians. wow THAT’S original! bc we don’t let aggro bullying work on us. ps lezbos will continue to have sex with eachother w/o your vile liberal misogynist disgusting violating leftist marxist bullying. NO you are NOT allowed into our sexual spaces you filthy perverted pig. so you spread lies and SLANDEROUS HATRED about us JUST like the woman haters you are. first of all, moron….

  • 1. wow dude, like you don’t know that all you have to do is call the dogs on feminist lesbos and everyone, male, female & trans alike will jump on them huh? wow dude, yer so like evolved with your 90s aquamarine colored eyeshadow, i’m submit to yer mannish pseudo intellectual morally superior mob mentality bullshit that you read from mentally ill people. transexuals, transvesties, queer leftist liberal marxist pop psychobabble via Barnes and Noble will never change the fact that you are…

  • this is not what god intended ! men fighting with women over who is more fem?

    sick sick sick we have abandoned god. cutting your penis and putting it inside of you doesn’t make you a woman. removing your breasts and taking testosterone will never make you a man. Wake up and realize that this is a world gone mad! god is order ! man woman child life. all else is confusion and Mania

    YOU were born to be who you are love you self’s and love god for making you are.

    man woman child life.

  • @pinfold1000 Thanks for Joining in pinfold. I think you are too stupid for my blog too. But unlike Truthspeaker, I find you amusing. so please stick around and spread your wingnuttery

  • Since watching your video I’ve been thinking about this, and right now I think:

    I think that transmisogyny does exist (that transwomen and femme MABs experience misogny and transphobia mixed together, aka transphobia) in mainstream society, but that man-hating and penis-hating is fueling the discrimination against femme MABs and MTFs in feminist, queer and dyke spaces.

    You thoughts?

  • Part 1 I agree with your analysis. I just think that you don’t grasp the causes fully. I’m an ftm, I date only guys, so I have little problem with maleness. Still I understand what’s going on with the dyke community on a gut level, because of my experience living as a female in this world. The experience of violence is so intense for many women in thsi society, that geting rid of men becomes a safety issue. I you are not attracted to men, it’s pretty easy to just shut out men of your lives.

  • Part 2

    It sucks, and I agree with you that it would be nicer to just be friends. but in a way we all are secondary victims to what’s happening to women. as long as that doesn’t change, the communitiy won’t change. gay male communities are handling genderqueer women and ftm a lot better than vice versa, because of all this. you really have my empathy.

  • Here’s the bottom line —

    Homosexuality as well as homosexualISM conjure mental notions the convey the following:

    A) men and women are not essential for one another and they should be divided

    B) that the only “good man” is either quiet or queer


    Take “C” as the main example of why you have given this video its very title and subject matter of topic. If women equate male with misogyny, what makes you think that homosexual men will be a major exception?

    –The Final Justice

  • Saying that women (the oppressed class) are bigoted against any kind of men (the oppressor class) is a weak position, in my opinion. It’s like when white people talk about the “racism” they experience in certain black-dominated spaces. It’s unpleasant, and maybe in certain situations there is danger, but in the grand scheme of things I have to question anyone who spends a lot of time focusing on the angered reactions of the oppressed classes. We should at least be allowed our own spaces.

  • Ahh, Lautour…

    How can women be oppressed when they have FAR MORE RIGHTS than men in ANY CAPACITY?

    –The Final Justice

  • That said, and I do think that masculinity is a revered trait in the lesbian community, it seems paradoxical that all of the traits associated with masculinity are positive when expressed through a female body. Being confident, assertive, etc. etc., but viewed with suspicion when the person is male bodied, even if femme identified. Where is where the MAB aspect comes in? Anyways, just riffing

  • It is pretty weird. My theory is that every collective identity has to have an ‘other’ to be against. In the end the other of lesbians is not Masculine but MAB. Even Misogyny can be rationalized as long as it comes from a FAB.

    In some sense transfeminism tries to shift the ‘other’ from MAB to ‘Male-identified’. This shift tries to shield transssexual MABs at the expense of ‘othering’ Transgendered FABs and Butches.

    Somehow we need to break out of this endless cycle, but I am growing pessimistic

  • “In some sense transfeminism tries to shift the ‘other’ from MAB to ‘Male-identified’. This shift tries to shield transssexual MABs at the expense of ‘othering’ Transgendered FABs and Butches.

    Somehow we need to break out of this endless”

    this is very insightful.

  • Jasper, just a thought: part of what I understood from Serano’s argument about transmisogyny is that there is discrimination against femininity in particular within the lesbian community. You can see it in how female born, femme identified lesbians are not seen/read as lesbians, assumed to be straight, etc. And that treatment is different than how masculinity is glorified, etc. within the same community. That’s where Serano sees the misogyny coming from. I think.

  • I feel like the the prejudice in lesbian community against feminine looking FABs is related to the bigotry towards bi-sexual FABs. The perception is that they have not decided which team they are on. It is the widespread idea that being lesbian means being anti-MAB.

    One Bi-sexual FAB told me that it was gang colors. You have to prove your loyalty and your unavailability to MABs by ‘Butching it up.’

    I get Julia’s argument, but I think the Anti-MAB prejudice is 100 times stronger than anti-femmism

  1. Hello All,

    I love this blog Jasper, thank you for putting it out there. This is a juicy conversation, one that has me thinking on a couple levels and I wanted to throw in my impressions.

    As a young dyke I found lesbian spaces intense and exciting. I was very sexually charged and wanted to explore those spaces from my sexuality. Now that I am older I no longer go to these spaces to pursue my sexual interests, and now those spaces are just intense to me. Intense to the point of uncomfortable and so I don’t spend much time in them unless it’s pride or some other event where I know I will see friends I haven’t seen in ten or fifteen years.

    I want to give you all props first for living your lives with the courage required to be yourselves, I don’t know what anybody looks like but I can tell by your strong opinions that you’re likely very visible and that takes guts. There are cities in other parts of the world where none of this is possible. We are all doing important work within the western world. And second I want to say that the energy you give this dialogue is crucial and exciting. Most of all, to me, Queer (or LGBT) is a realm of refuge and incredible possibility and it is also a concentration of taboo. Humanity’s taboo. I dip into these realms and draw lots of that energy and then I take it into the world. I think of it as continuing the dialogue in the broader population where this stuff in invisible. Me, I make it visible because I engage folk from my queer empowered, female-bodied, genderless essence.

    On a side note, I”m not sure if it’s the Youtube formatting that puts all these comments in caps lock, but it reminds me of the John Irving book, A Prayer for Owen Meany, where Owen’s dialogue is always in caps lock. He’s the little boy with the big voice. So once I post my comment, I guess I’ll see what happens.

    Jasper I do not think you are a fraud. I would definitely seek you out for a conversation if I encountered you in a lesbian space. Truthspeaker1010 I think you are sad about the crappy treatment of women that goes on constantly and you are protective of your ken. Regardless, Jasper is a certain kind of male, and that he/she is willing to take on this dialogue is not without merit. The two of you remind me of siblings fighting:) Are all men rapists? Did Jasper rape TruthSpeaker1010?

    The more men willing to take on the fact that men are capable of rape and that women must bear the consequences the better.

    I guess what’s happening is that Jasper, by wanting acceptance from radical lesbians is effecting the scenario of the fox in the henhouse. Pure chaos. But the fact that you are being denied because of your maleness, Jasper rankles you.

    It is just this. In the book Lesbian Ethics the idea is put forward that it always fall on women to display grace and acceptance. Grace always falls to the person with the least power, and that’s women in the big bad world. This conversation, this queer space is fascinating because nobody is tied to any one role. Lesbians, especially radical lesbians will always kick up a fuss, I see it as their job. Mind you name calling is just plain useless.

    Did I miss something? I don’t find Jasper misogynistic. But Jasper, as a male willing to take on the role of Woman, what do you want to do in the henhouse?

    Queer spaces, lesbian spaces, they are still part of the world, they are a kind of crucible. Hot intense and changeable. The results of this conversation/issue won’t be obvious until way later, and will never be obvious in the crucible.

    Thank you for this dialogue, amazing queer folk.

    Alison Thirteen

  2. Jasper Gregory says:

    Hey Alison, thanks for such an insightful post.
    The comments are all from youtube. I am importing it here to start a new conversation. I hope others will join in as well. This video was made a year ago and was indicative of my journey of disidentification from lesbian and transgender categories. One thing I notice in my ‘Lesbian Dialogue’ is that I am calling Lesbian Space what Lesbians are calling queer space. In other words the spaces I was entering were very self-congratulatory about their inclusiveness while still being extremely chauvinist. Its the kind of hypocrisy of Liberal Whites who claim not to be racist while they act in racist ways. Now days, when I here ‘Lesbian Space’ i run the other direction. Life is to short deal with that kind of shit.

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