Paleo-Feminist Mythology Blames Gay Designers for The Emaciated Body Images Of High Fashion #feminism

Posted: August 13, 2011 in 2011


Recently a columnist for Britain’s Observer wrote  “It has long been said that fashion is a con-trick by largely gay male designers to make women look more like men: breastless, hipless, as skinny as a boy.” (“Vogue is not a magazine for children”).

Patrick Strudwick responds to this hate garbage in  Feminists should stop stitching up gay designers.


It is time to stop blaming Gay men and Men in general for the ills of society. This worked for the batshit crazy feminists of Andrea Dworkin’s 1970’s cultural revolution. But, in the third millenium we know that women have agency. Mother’s program their daughter’s with this crap, and women hold it over each other’s heads. It is tragic that todays young women still get programmed with this paranoid conspiracy theory, and it is tragic that it still gets bandied about as if it were a progressive ideology.

Stop hat towards gay men, and men in general. It is time to end paleo feminism. No more scapegoats!





  1. Charla t says:

    in the third millenium we know that women have agency
    why ?
    because of Piano Briefs ? lol

  2. Jasper Gregory says:

    Do you mean this? The male object of desire?

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