seriously evil, post-op transsexual hate crusade against no-op transsexuals, faerie boys and autogynephiles

Posted: August 13, 2011 in 2011
Tags: , , , , is becoming a real hate platform for post-op transsexual women who hate being categorized with non-op transsexuals and gender-variant men. Maggie Fox sets up a political platform in this post. She attempts to foment anti-male feelings among women and direct them against non-op transsexuals. That sound like a great platform for the transsexual movement. Like Foucault says, it’s the backlash that gets you. I consider this a form of transsexual self-hate. Her complete denial of her male-history sends her over the edge into fantasy land.

She is trying to organize a radical post-op movement to foment fear and anxiety towards femmeboys like me and non-op transsexuals.

Make it clear that drag acts are as offensive to all women in the same way as the Black and White Minstrel Shows were to non Caucasians. -maggie fox

This is a plank to get politically correct left to stigmatize male feminity as not politically-correct. Unfortunately, this is a major trope within anti-sex feminism, so it will be successful to some extent.

Use the word transvestite not transgender when describing non operatives. -maggie fox

This is the old We post-ops are ‘true women’ and those others are just transvestite. And we all know that crossdressers are male perverts and not to be trusted. Male Sexuality is always looming as a threat within the nations of the Puritan Diaspora.

Make it clear that transgender or transsexual is a transitory state between male and female and should be no longer than two years and two months -maggie fox

Yes the Radical-Post-Ops want you to think of gender mixing or gender ambiguity as a disease which is corrected though surgery. ‘Why, those third-gender people aren’t even human.’ That self-hate can so disfigure a person?

If you are lesbian or gay then use your membership of lesbian and gay groups to constantly question the addition of T (trans)

Greate, stir up gay and lesbian hatred towards non-op transsexuals and the gender variant. As if we we did not have enough of that to begin with.
This trans woman is delusional. You are stirring up hate against you, because they don’t see you as a woman either!

This is the narcissism of small difference. The outside world does not even see a difference between post-op and non-ops and yet the radical-post-ops want to make it a species difference. “We are women and they are freaks. Send them to the camps!”

  1. Quay says:

    Excellent article.

  2. Quay says:

    Many of the radical lesbian feminists are as vitriolic in their speech as many of the tele-evangelists are about homosexuality, the ones who keep getting caught with “rent boys” it makes me wonder if some of these radical lesbian feminists are really latent heterosexuals.

  3. Jasper Gregory says:

    @QRG gosh is right. what a strange world.

    @Quay Many radical lesbian feminists are open open their ‘latent heterosexuality’. Political Lesbians like Julie Bindel feel that all Feminists should ‘become’ Lesbian from a political rather than biological motivation

  4. FenixOscuro says:

    While I understand that the undertones of the speech (because in no way transgender people, in all their variants, are freaks or sick people and have all the rights to be treated with respect and dignity like anyone in this world) I agree there is a lot of difference under the umbrella term “trans people”.

    While I am well aware pos op transsexual woman are different from cisgender, non op transsexual women are different from pos op transsexual women too. Even if the outside world don´t get it, the difference is there (neither is better than the other, it’s simply there). Maybe as a way to be better understood and to be true to our own essence this should be something to be stressed in order to clarify things. Because it must annoying for non op transsexual women to be expected to want SRS (and be sanctioned for not doing it) as much as it must be annoying for pos op transsexual women to be expected to have a penis and be happy with it every day of their lives (even be eager to use it). It’s not denial of the fact they have a “male past” (maybe it is for this Maggie Fox I don’t know for sure, and it’s not something to judge her about) it’s just that you would be doing the same thing she does by telling other people how to relate to their own life issues (If those pos op transsexual women feel dysphoria towards their past, how can you tell them not to try to take distance from it? They could be doing so in order to start a new life being truer to themselves for the first time in their lives. Everyone copes with things in different ways, there’s not only one right way for everybody, there’s just that only way it feels right for each person) and also lashing at them for wanting to leave that past behind as muh as possible (still a reality but past, not present).

    The thing is you’re a worthy person just the way you are and must be treated accordingly like every other non op transsexual women should be, but it is pos op transsexual women very own prerrogative to decide how they feel about their gender identity (as long as they don’t disrespect other people), and off course there are differences between the many trans people in the world so, why not to point them out, to further the understanding the outside world has about us? I´m sure we can do it and also be ourselves (so diverse) and coexist in peace!

    Sorry for my english, I’m not a native speaker so I hope you will understand 😉
    My best wishes for you!

  5. >> Make it clear that transgender or transsexual is a transitory state between male and female and
    >> should be no longer than two years and two months -maggie fox

    Yes the Radical-Post-Ops want you to think of gender mixing or gender ambiguity as a disease which is corrected though surgery. ‘Why, those third-gender people aren’t even human.’ That self-hate can so disfigure a person?

    There is just too much wrong with that statement, in general.

    First off, her assertion that this “transitory state” should last no longer than “two years and two months”. OK, what about people who can’t afford it for at least five years? If ever? This is the same sort of classism that makes a lot of second wave feminist sentiment worthless to those well below the socio-economic middle class. And even moreso –it’s absolutely dangerous classism, demonising those without money and practically blaming them for whatever ill-treatment is dished out to them when no, the reality of the situation isn’t usually as easy as “get a better job or save your pennies”.

    One of my oldest friends from the (less political side of the) TS/TG community takes her HRT in a patch and can’t have surgery cos of haemophilia. She’s kind of ambivalent toward some hypothetical miracle cure, anyway, but that’s beside the point. So basically, even if someone hypothetically would if they could, they’re now somehow demonised into this less-valid in-betweenhood because of what basically amounts to an invisible disability. That’s nice.

    I mean, the fact of the matter is, there’s not a single TS person who has a truly uncomplicated relationship with their gender –if they’re being 100% honest with themselves. One could argue “oh, well she never internalised X-experience as a cisgender man would”; that’s all well and good, and while an argument could be made that one’s personal feelings might be closer to what a cis woman internalised in the same sort of situation, the following facts still remain: a) if one is raised as a boy and is seen as a boy, one is generally treated as a boy, b) is A applies, then one is probably well-aware that one is being treated in that way, and thus c) A and B are experiences that cis girls and women will never know. Are there variants of experiences among cis women? Of course, but one thing that the overwhelming majority of cis women (there are always rare cases, I guess, I watch cable television) will never know the experience of feeling that everyone else in the world is seeing a different gender than one is feeling –and that’s enough to say that one has an inherently complicated relationship with their gender. Insisting things are “clear and simple” doesn’t necessarily make it so, unless it is so –after al, there is a whole world past the end of one’s nose.

    And I’m saying this as a TS man, and I’d say it even if I was in this “in-between state” less than the six years it’s been. Clearly some people gotta tell themselves all sorts of stories to be able to face the day; I’m not going to judge that practise in and of itself, even psychologists recognise that sometimes self-delusions can be a necessary coping mechanism for certain people (even if most still recommend working through the need for self-delusions through therapy), but I’m also not fond of people turning their self-delusions into an agenda to use as a gold standard for others.

  6. Sophie Lambert says:

    All this is a reaction to proponents of the transgender umbrella who co-opted transsexual identities under said umbrella without asking if those people wanted to be included. Many, perhaps most transsexual people want to just live their lives as their new sex, and fiercely resist being pulled back into an often carnival transgender ‘community’ against their will, a community whose raison d’être seems to be a constant full-on challenging of gender norms. Not everyone wants to live like that, and their life choices should be respected.

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