Male Sexism and Insane Paleo-Feminism run deep in the England |

Posted: August 16, 2011 in 2011

I am beginning to wonder if Male Sexism is much stronger in Britain than I thought. Could this story about collective sexist humiliation have happened on an American Workplace in the 1990’s? England seems to still be filled with Paleo-Sexists (see the comment thread of any Guardian editorial on gender or feminism). Maybe the English Paleo-sexism is the reason why The English public sphere produces the insane paleo-feminism of Julie Bindle, Sheila Jeffries and Germaine Greer (they believe that heterosexual women are all sex slaves, who need to be liberated through violent revolution and universal Political Lesbianism).

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I’ve witnessed sexist attitudes in two professions – as an engineer and as a priest. They have some similarities. In both spheres, one of the arguments is “we have never employed women to do this before” and another is “it isn’t that women are not equal – they just have different roles”. In both professions, I’ve listened to the reasoning and it often boils down to fear of change. However, there are some significant differences in the way sexism presents itself in the factory and the church.

In the factory, in the 1990s, sexism took several forms. The most oppressive was the wall-to-wall pornography, which intimidated me – the women were treated by the men as objects, sub-human. Then there was the wolf-whistling, which was frightening. Occasionally, the men in the factory would “down tools” and whistle at me – 100 of them. Colleagues would tell me that it was inappropriate to be a female engineer – women weren’t made for such jobs, and it interfered with the natural order of things.

  1. Jonathan says:

    Two of those are Australian rather than English, but I wouldn’t worry about them in any case. None of Julie Bindel’s pronouncements stand for five minutes over here before being challenged by the activists. Germaine Greer’s eccentricities are indulged more kindly due to her status as a grand dame, but she’s not really taken all that seriously. anymore. Whereas Sheila Jeffreys is just regarded as a nutcase.

    It’s a bit of a shame really because, apart from their views on non-normative gender, they have a lot of worthwhile things to say.

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