Paleo-Transsexual Hatred Towards Transsexuals

Posted: September 6, 2011 in 2011

Paleo-Transsexuals hate on other transsexuals Paleo-MTF’s feel that their genital surgery proves they are women. It is ironic because they have defined body-hatred and self loathing as a proxy for their being ‘true transsexuals’. I argue that self-loathing was insisted upon by the old gender clinics precisely because they though transsexuals were maladapted. Self-loathing was a marker for inability to function in society, but the Paleo-Transsexuals have turned into into a marker for authentic transsexuality. ‘I am truly a woman because I am filled with revulsion by my male body.’
We need to find a way to respect transsexuals who do suffer from body-hatred without valorizing self-loathing and intrusive surgery. Gender variant people should not feel that they need to hate their bodies in order to have their gender experiences validated as authentic.


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