Autogynephlia and Metrosexual kind of meet in the middle

Posted: September 16, 2011 in 2011

This British gentleman is named Mark Simpson and he invented the term ‘metrosexual’ in 1994. I just found his blog and discovered that he has all kind of interesting things to say about the male object of desire and what I would call male femininity and what he calls metrosexual.

I left a comment of this interesting post

  1. HI! I think you found Mark’s blog via my blog. So if your readers are interested it is:

    p.s. Mark doesn’t look like that anymore!

  2. Jasper Gregory says:

    I was going to get to that. I am blown away by your blog. but there is so much to write about that I do not know where to begin.

  3. ah thanks Jasper I wasn’t meaning to fish! I just like to make the link between Simpson’s work and mine, as there are lots of overlaps. And it is he who has influenced my writing/ideas a lot.

    I am seeing you have picked up on quite a few aspects of feminism I have criticised too

  4. Jasper Gregory says:

    I find your perspective very refreshing. We are both understanding masculinity from a post-feminist space, or even a post identity space. When I Identified as a radical transgendered lesbian (it lasted for two months) I quickly realized that paleo-feminism had no interest in getting beyond a straw man two-dimensional view of masculine roles. The argument was ‘Males run the world, so the dominant form of masculinity represents males as the ‘truly are.’
    Honestly, I have to say that the young queer feminists, while rejecting ‘man bad, woman good,’ create their own intellectual ghetto of radical relativism. ‘You can’t say anything about anybody but yourself.’ Both you and I have found a way beyond, but from different places. interesting….

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have just been writing about that ‘dominant form of masculinity’ as imagined by feminists. I will send you a link when it is up!

  6. Er that was me sorry! QRG

  7. Jasper Gregory says:

    I kind of figured that that was you but I was not sure.

  8. what does ‘paleo-feminism’ mean?

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