Male Actors Get Costume That Lifts And Separates

Posted: September 18, 2011 in 2010

Joe Ried of New York Magazine notices that the New Spiderman Costume Lifts and Separates the Actor’s ass cheeks. Good catch!
The term ‘lift and separate’ usually refers to cleavage shaping bras, but skintight women’s pants and legging act in the same way. The sexy female ass as portrayed in mass media is an effect of costume technology.
Men and ‘good girls’ are supposed to have desexualized ‘uni-butts’. Sexy high-waisted jeans are engineered as butt-bras. A lot of women use a leotard or g-string to achieve this effect.
When I used this effect in my outfits, I got the constant remark of ‘OMG! You have a girls butt!’ I think that boy butts are girl-butts without girl fashion.
Now that Spiderman has broken the fashion barrier for male butt-bras, can the rest of the world be far behind?


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