Straight boys kiss each other in England

Posted: September 21, 2011 in 2011

I keep reading and hearing that young English straight boys are kissing each other and putting pictures up on Facebook. To my American ears this sound incredible even in sexually progressive San Francisco.

According to a study by Eric Anderson of Bath University in England, there are a growing number of college-aged straight men kissing each other. In the study of male university students, 89 percent had kissed each other on the lips, and 37 percent reported engaging in “sustained kissing.”

Anderson says that this trend stemmed from professional sports, and the recent popularity of soccer players sharing passionate kisses after goals. “That made kissing between men acceptable for college and high-school players. Then the players took the same behaviors to nights out in pubs, spreading the trend to non-athletes” Anderson reports to Live Science.

We see this come to life in the “gay chicken” videos on YouTube. Gay chicken is a game in which two straight, alpha-male types make-out, and the first one to pull away is a “pussy.” In the linked YouTube video, two athletic-looking young men make out, while a crowd of people holding plastic cups, cheer them on, their phones held out. The boys only wear underwear, pressing against one and other as they kiss, not coming up for air for the full three minutes.

hat tip to QuietRiotGirl


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