Gender Activists, we can trade Rage for concrete social change

Posted: January 8, 2012 in 2010

Through Occupy I have come to believe that Martin Luther King & Gandhi pioneered the social tactics which change societies. I have critiqued the Rage Feminism of Daly, Dworkin and Jeffries as well as Transsexual Rage and Transfeminist Rage of Julia Serano’s The Whipping Girl. Now I see that these rage movements have a lineage stretching back to Malcolm X and Black Rage. This is important, because the Black Rage movement was a dialectical reaction to Martin Luther King and the ‘Love Thy Neighbor’, and Radical Hope tactics that the Black Freedom struggle used to great effects. The Spiritual, Radical, Non Violent Direct Action is therefore a blueprint for the destimatization of Male Femininity, Autogynephilia, and other male genders. It is also a way to form alliances with Radically, Nonviolent feminist, and racial justice activists. The video is about 10 minutes long and I highly recommend that you watch it for a very fresh view of MLK and even the nature of Social Activism in America

in this video I talk about MLK’s ‘rebirth’ as a Zen Buddhist Awakening, Radical Love and Understanding as Freedom Tactic.
I am ‘Tickled Pink’ about the vid. I have been struggling to Find a Authentic Video Blog Voice for the #occupy movement. Threw last 6 away
#Occupy Martin Luther King’s tactics of Radical Love: Occupy The Dream MLK day Jan 16th #ows


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