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Podcast: Angelica III

Posted: June 2, 2009 in Autogynephilia 2009

I like Angelica’s boyish femininity. She plays with stripes and colors in kind of geeky chic look. I interviewed her for my podcast.

Angelica talks about how the Castro Scene reminds her of the eighth grade.
We discuss Gender Versus Sex, and I share about getting lost in Holland.

Listen to Angelica here:

Ps. sorry about sending you to another site again, but the audio player does not work here.


Interview with Hallie

Posted: May 31, 2009 in Autogynephilia 2009

listen to:

Where are all the Bi-Guys?

This is Hallie. I took this at a monthly Anarchist gathering in Dolores Park in San Francisco. Called the Really, Really Free Market.

I interviewed her about fashion, femininity, and sexuality. It was very interesting. Your can listen here.

This is an ongoing experiment. I hope to host the podcast here. If it is successful. Come back and leave a comment if you listen.

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Posted: May 28, 2009 in Autogynephilia 2009

Def: an openness to intimacy and affection to all BiologicalSexes. A rejection of Monosensual Identities.

opposition: Mono Sensuality
similar: Pan Sexual, Pluri Sexual

see also Mono Sexual, Bi Sexual

May 28 2009
I think Pan Sensual is better than Pan Sexual as a way forward past gender bigotry. Sexuality is a private matter which really should not determine identity or membership in a Social Scene. We do not all need to be Pan Sexual to move forward, but we do need to be Pan Sensual. We all need to be able to bond with and understand one another. As long as Straight Men are phobic about touching and being touched by other men, they won’t be able to escape their gender cages. The same goes for Gays and Lesbians. Seperatism breeds Misogyny and Misandry. You do not need to want to fuck someone in order to feel empathy and understanding for them.

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Posted: May 28, 2009 in Autogynephilia 2009

I like the outfit, but the photo is washed out. This oufit is a bit of Gender Activism on my part. It says "Boys have legs too."
Girly Purple Boybeater (Cotton Basics, they have great colors)
Hotpants (Bargain bin in the girl’s section of Mervyn’s)

It is funny, boy’s thighs are transgressive except in sports outfits. Femininity is partly constructed by prohibiting boys to show their "Figures". We have labeled the normal human body as feminine and we pretend that boys do not have one, unless boys do body modification through working out.

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Def: An openness to intimacy and affection, with only one Biological Sex. This is paired with phobic reactions to intimacy with the wrong sex.
related: Mono Sexualopposite: Pan Sensuality
see also: Bi Sexual, Pan Sexual
May 28 2009 I feel that both gay and straight social scenes are organized around Compulsory Monosensuality. This roots gender and gives it seeming permanence. “Official” Homosexual and Heterosexual identities are both heavily invested in performing dimorphic gender. Your gender must be broadcast, and you must put everyone in a gender box before you meet them. If they are a boy you apply one set of judgments and behaviors. You reserve the other set for girls. God forbid that anyone thinks that you are Gay/Straight or failing at Man/Woman. You would lose your identity and social place.This leads to separation and ignorance between gendered identities and social scenes. This explains Queer Gender Essentialism and separatism. This is what is keeping us all from moving forward.

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Faggy Neon Dandy

Posted: May 28, 2009 in Autogynephilia 2009

I like this one. The blue snood and the blue skinny jeans are fun together. The red velvet jacket gives the slightly unwholesome aura of a used car dealer.
It is not exactly femme, but it is not really boy either.
As Usual, everything but the shoes are girl’s clothes. Boy’s clothes usual fit like a potato sack.

Hi Sweetpeas,
This is today’s outfit. I brought the blue tights back out. I am getting tired of the skinny jeans. I like the combo of strong masculine markers and feminine markers.
These shorts work well because they do not flash too much thigh. Being too sexy gets me unwanted attention from guys just like when girls go for sexy.
Interestingly, every item except the boots, are a women’s fashion interpretation of men’s clothing. They are just cut to flatter rather than hide the lines of my body.

So where am I on the gender expression front? I am taking my cues from the Drag Culture. I am mixing a very strong male Secondary Sexual Characteristic, facial hair, with many cultural Feminine Markers like makeup, fitted clothes, colors and tights. The fashion statement is clear, “I am Biologically Male but I reject the Gender Binary and its fashion binary.Unfortunately we still live in an age when masculine gender is policed with threats of violence, so I am keeping a lower profile. Basically I refer to the Gender Queer fashion of musicians and artists. I feel safer on the streets.

Australia Day

Posted: May 26, 2009 in Autogynephilia 2009

It was australia day and she is Australian. I have seen quite a numbers of divas from Sydney. I find them more daring than SF’ers in color choice.
She was just as warm and friendly as she looks, a real sweetheart. I would be hard pressed to find vibrant mustard and mint like this. I love the combo. the new colors tickle my senses.
I also loves how comfortable she is with her feminine body. It is GenderActivism in way just to show your body as it is, in all of its loveliness rather than submitting to the mold. She embraces her curviness and it comes out in confidence.