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This flier for my Art Murmur show next week. 


It is of couse a provocation. I am taking fetish street fashion out of a Queer context and injecting it into the Art Murmur hivemind. Let’s shake Oakland up a little bit. 

This flier is a Coming-Out-Femme, and has a huge significance for me. This fashion expresses a Radical Faery embodiment, Male-Body-Loving-Femme. My constant re-coming-out has been a major drive of my blogging and youtubing. It is now lurching out of cyberspace and onto the walls of Mama Buzz Gallery for the month of December.

I am doing a media blitz by publishing the show in a glossy magcloud magazine, Layar Augmented Reality and an Ipad Magazine, more on that later.





I am creating a queer gender for straight males. Lest’s call it Male-Lesbian Queer, A queer with a male-lesbian flavor.
I am a queer in whom the social imaginaries of Male and Lesbian unite. Brrrng showed my video in her Transgressive Bodies class. She said it caused a lively discussion. She wrote “While (as a female lesbian) I may not agree with your use of the ‘lesbian’ label, what the heck, I’ll accept you anyway, as I find you rather intriguing…”.

Perhaps Brrng and I can meet midway. Rather than being a Male-Flavor Lesbian, I can be a Male-Lesbian Flavor Queer, which is in turn a flavor of (very) Queer Femme. I share the problem of Femme invisibility with Lesbian Femmes and Fat Femmes. Positive representations do not propagate through the commercialized media ecologies. 


(Homosocial erotics, Jasper being “one of the girls” )

Jasper sez
*This is a very interesting. article. 


by Hontas Farmer…  sez (((My comments))):
“autogynephilia is interpreted, by the [trans] activist, to imply that male to female transsexuals are really men with dirty male sexual motivations.  As opposed to their being true women with a feminine essence, or female gender identity.

“Charles Moser’s study found that By the common definition of ever having erotic arousal to the thought or image of oneself as a woman, 93% of the respondents would be classified as autogynephilic.  Using a more rigorous definition of “frequent” arousal to multiple items, 28% would be classified as autogynephilic.”

…   “There is an assumption that administering the same sexual arousal related question to males and females and getting the same answers means the same things.  A straight woman being aroused while getting ready for a date with a man is probably plainly aroused by the man. (((I strongly disagree)))  A anatomical male being aroused by the thought of knitting in a circle with women and being one of them, as Blanchard describes in one of his papers (Bailey 2003) is something else, I’m sure. (((In practice, knitting is probably not that homoerotic, but putting on makeup and false nails together definitely is)))

… “Never the less Moser’s finding is pretty much uncritically embraced by the trans activists without much thought.  After all it proves wrong one of Blanchard’s minor conjectures.  My question is…

“Will Moser’s finding cause a eruption of transsexual women who once found the notion of autogynephilia abhorrent and inherently offensive coming out as autogynephilic? Does this give them the cover to say “real women” do it too?

“For a long time now many trans activists ( i.e.  Andrea James, Lynn Conway, Joelle Ruby Ryan and the illustrious professor Dierdre McCloskey) have crusaded against the very notion of autogynephilia (((These are the Janice Raymond’s of the Trans Movement))), or denied the very existence of autogynephilia.  A few less well known transsexuals claimed, often on Internet bulletin boards, that natal women could experience autogynephilia.  Others have formulated a concept they call being a woman born transsexual who suffers from “Harry Benjamin Syndrome“. 

“Women in those two groups and their like minded cohorts have at times sought to vilify psychologist, especially sexologist and have the whole field declared a pseudo-science.  A very small group of transwomen have publicly embraced the concept of autogynephilia, such as Anne Lawrence, and Willow Arune.  The transactivist have had a tendency to insult those transwomen who came out as autogynephilic such as Lawrence and Arune.

“Look at the websites of these people and consider what I am about to say.  A brief look will be all it takes to get the drift of how each feels about this issue.

“The transactivist claim that autogynephilia is based on pseudo science.  That it is automatically offensive and hurtful and stigmatizing to those who are labeled with it.   That autogynephilia is just the work of a transphobic quack named Ray Blanchard.  They call those who come out and talk about experiencing autogynephilia like Anne Lawrence and Willow Arune horrible names, call them men, call them perverts.

They call for the closing down of the research clinic where Blanchard works, (((shades of Janice Raymond))) and the firing of researchers who use this terminology in their work. Rather than treating this as an academic and scientific dispute, which can be resolved through those channels, it has been turned into an extremely polarized political issue. (((We have entered an age of identity terrorism)))

“Basically Moser’s study if  confirmed means the trans-activist are dead wrong. (((my emphasis))) For any one of them to back down from the extreme positions they have taken on this matter would be the
hugest flip flop of the century! (((Another flip flop was when LGBT stopped supporting Janice Raymond against the Transsexuals)))

Why I Blog This:
*Hontas Farmer’s analysis from Spring 2009 is very far sighted. Moser’s research reframes Autogynephilia as a sexuality, an erotic relation-to-self which is shared by male autogynephiles and females.


I just want to add that there is often a “homo-eroticism” of being one of the girls or one of the boys. Women’s bonding over makeup or sex a la Sex in The City, has a distinct erotic charge. This was a frequent art theme for me last year, although I did not yet have the term autogynephilia. Take a look at this video


I would like to point out that the (lesbian) “queer femme” identity is all about “Loving the self as woman”, the erotics of Femme, and viewing femme as drag.

Queer Femme is essentially the first political movement of Homeo-vestites.

Charles Moser  is a San Francisco-based sexologist who is working to change the DSM Psychiatric Taxonomy in order to remove paraphilias (literally “deviant loves”) from the realm of metal disorder. Charles Moser is dean at San Francisco’s Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. Living in the greater San Francisco Cultural Bubble, I am so used to the fruits of the Sex-Positive movement like this Sexological Bodywork Training at the institute, that I forget that some people still believe old Freudian fairy stories about healthy and pathological sexual orientations. The Paraphilia’s  need to be removed from the DSM. Let’s try to understand Human Sexuality without stigma.


(Suppositori Spelling at Faetopia a temporary Radical Faerie space in San Francisco )

“It seems that 2010 marks the year that Transgender Feminist doctrines about Transsexuality and Autogynephilia started to crumble like the Berlin wall. Curtis E. Hinkle written a pro-transgender paper that challenges the concept of Childhood Transsexuality. Apparently many gender variant boys grow up to find a place in the Gay Public Sphere. According to Hinkle’s paper rather MTF Transsexuals were more often “… socially withdrawn and spent most of their time after school by themselves at home”

“This would seem to contradict the HBS model which states that “True Transsexuals” are all girly from day one. Interestingly Transsexual activist Aria Blue has written in support of Hinkle. (hat/tip @jackmolay)

I would be very interested to see the incidence of Autogynephilia under these men, and for instance the proportion of “tops” to “bottoms”. I would hypothesize that these Genderqueer young men primarily develop into Autogynephilic and/or Sexual Bottoms. The DSM of course states that Gay men cannot be Autogynephiles by definition. Gay male counter culture in San Francisco is a Festival of Autogynephilia. Drag Cabaret is one of the main art forms in my city. It is laughable to think that this is merely part of being Gay rather than an erotic performance of femininity (i.e. autogynephilia). 

Curtis E. Hinkle via

Reports of extreme boyhood “femininity” had also been thought to characterise male to female transsexualism … Such extreme boyhood “femininity” had attracted the attention of clinicians and researchers for years. Richard Green of the U.C.L.A. Gender Identity Clinic saw them. Bernard Zuger saw them. Their descriptions were almost uniform. They were already stating they wanted to be girls or they were girls, often at the ages of two or three. They were cross-dressing. They were playing with girls exclusively or almost exclusively and were playing with girl’s games exclusively or almost exclusively. Their behaviour was overt. It was very observable and it was obvious. So obvious that many would be brought in to a clinician for evaluation and treatment.

However, others rarely ever saw these same boys later as adult men presenting at sex change clinics as transsexuals and desiring sex reassignment surgery. Reports of this extreme “feminine” behavior were conspicuously lacking in those presenting for S.R.S. The lack of such stories in adult sex change applicants, led Chiland to ask, “Is there such a thing as a transsexual child” (page 55). …

If these applicants who were adults seeking sex reassignment did not report extreme feminine behaviour on any consistent basis (when such reports would have most likely impressed the “gatekeepers” and helped convince them of the “obviousness” of their “femininity”), then what label could adequately describe the majority of the children who did report extreme feminine behavior and if such reports were not substantiated by observations from others close to them as children, would such a label stick when they presented for sex reassignment?

We do get some ideas as to what these individuals were like as children. Chiland5 described the situation as follows:

“The disorders that may lead to transsexualism in adults may thus be perfectly silent in childhood as far as an observer, parents, or teachers are concerned … the child has no clear idea why he feels bad, and will only give his trouble a name on reaching puberty.”

This is far from statements that the child wants to be a girl, or says he is a girl. Chiland writes further:

“An outside observer may notice that something is wrong with the child, but they cannot imagine, any more than the subject himself, that the child is suffering from a disorder of gender identity.”

Again, this is far from what would be seen in the other boys described as already cross dressing at the age of two or three, who were playing exclusively or almost exclusively girls’ games and with girls. The following is more typical of the childhood of those who present at sex change clinics:

“we see an isolated boy who is ill at ease, does not make friends, and does quite badly at school. But the child has no clear idea why he feels bad, and will only give his trouble a name on reaching puberty.”

Furthermore, these adult S.R.S. candidates in adulthood, usually did not show “signs of trouble with their gender identity in childhood that might have attracted attention … very few were taken to clinics” and; “still fewer were treated”. Remarkably, “some were treated in childhood or early adolescence, with whom the question of gender identity never arose either in evaluation or in treatment; they were referred and treated for other reasons.”5 When they thought their therapist would be more intuitive and the therapist wasn’t, “they became more and more silent and eventually refused to continue the treatment”.

Another group, when evaluating adult transsexuals, also found that those without extreme “femininity” in boyhood represented a group which had gender identity as the main motivation for seeking sex reassignment and re-labeled these individuals primary transsexuals. They were typically asexual and did not display homosexual behavior nor, as mentioned, were they extremely feminine acting in childhood. They write:

“In our series of ten primary transsexuals, nine showed no evidence of effeminacy in childhood … As far as we can make out, they did not engage in girl’s activities or play with girls any more than did normal boys … All ten of our primary transsexuals were socially withdrawn and spent most of their time after school by themselves at home … In effect, they were childhood loners … “7

They further write:

“to summarise, then, in childhood, the primary transsexual is not effeminate, but he feels either abhorrence or discomfort in boyish activities.”7

If boys with extreme “feminine” behavior in childhood are not the primary transsexuals, then who are these boys studied by Green, Zuger, and others? If their behaviour is so effeminate in childhood, yet they do not typically request sex change, what happens to them? It is in the follow-up studies, such as those by Green and Zuger, which give us the answer. Greenstudied forty-four very effeminate boys from childhood into adulthood and found that three quarters of them became homosexual (N=18) or bisexual men (N=14).

Around a quarter of them became heterosexual.



The shorts are from forevery twenty one. If I am going to wear shorts, they might as well be cute.

I have been very inspired by Badiou’s discussion of Paul role in founding the Christian Assemblage. His Roman Universalism triumphed over the Jewish Communitarianism of of the existing Jerusalem. He triumphed over Identity Politics to form an expansionary Universalist Meme. If Zizek and Badiou we can understand the Cultural Logic of Universalism by studying his authentic writings.
It is a study of how to reboot identity politics. The San Francisco Left has degraded into self Ghettoization and Closure. Badiou asks how Paul created a Social Imaginary of Liberation, which has no Us and (hereditary) Them.