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I met Alison at a Women’s BDSM event in San Francisco

I met Alison at a Women’s BDSM event in San Francisco. She was traveling through San Francisco on her way from South Florida to Portland. She was just exploring this trans-mecca before she met up with her girlfriend.
She said she was bigendered, I did not know what that meant to her. I did not “recognize” her masculinity. Later when I saw her without clothes, my whole body reacted to her as female. She has the hips, thighs and ass of a goddess. Her body screamed fertility, and my head became clouded with endorphins and adrenaline.
Neither of us wanted to deal with the negotiation of gender-variant sex, so I suggested a consciousness raising exercise. She lay down naked on my bed, closed her eyes and agreed to only receive. She saved her words for the end of the exercise.
I proceeded to touch and gently caress her every surface of her body while speaking out my adoration. I worshiped her goddess hips and thighs and spoke love for them in a way that no one else ever had. I showed my love for her body so that she that she might drink from it and be nourished. “We should form a religion and worship your unbelievably sexy Ass.” She laughed to herself.
I was in my own heaven. Caressing her whole curvy form with my eyes and skin while showering her with appreciation and dry kisses, filled me both with a full body desire as well as its satiation. After a quarter hour, my body had been cleansed by a rush of endorphins, which left me in a dreamy, almost post-coital state that is the result of good non-PIV (Penis In Vagina) sex.
Lying next to me Alice said “That was sooo nice, no one has really appreciated my body like that,” but she also told me how conflicted she felt when her hips and ass betrayed her and marked her as Female Born. “You will see tomorrow, when I put my binder on, I can be really masculine.”
I was still under the spell of her absurdly, estrogenized body. It seemed to testify against her, undercutting her very words. I felt a little guilty that my image of her had become so feminine, but I looked forward to seeing the Alison that had promised to manifest when she bound her tits with an Ace Bandage.