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Queer Fat Femme Pinup

Posted: January 6, 2010 in Fat Fashion

Queer Fat Femme Pinup, san francisco 2008

Jan 5th 2010
L. really shows the sex-positive, nature of the San Francisco, Queer Fat Femme (QFF) style. Rather than fat acceptance this is fat celebration. She is sexy, and dresses to emphasize it. This is L.’s favorite pose because it emphasizes her thighs and her cleavage.
It has the four attributes that I find in the QFF style.
1) fitted – she emphasizes the lines of her body
2) Femme – it is not demure but it is definitely femme
3) Color – Just a splash of hot pink, but it is there
4) Vintage Hairstyle and makeup



Posted: January 5, 2010 in Fat Fashion

Burnal Equinox 2009, San Francisco

Reposted from my emansipashun website. It too confusing to have two sites, so I am consolidating.

Dec 9 2009
Last spring I came out on my blog. Not as gender variant, I had done that months earlier. I came out as a Chubchaser. It was utterly ironic that I felt more social support adopting the ‘Transgender’ category than I did in publicly stating that I prefer chubby girls. Hegemonic american culture has a really strange, subtle, taboo on Sexual Desire for fat girls. It is subtle because it does not incite phobic reactions but involuntary laughter and social discomfort. It is kind of like the taboos about bisexuality among dykes.
Preferring chubby girls is incompatible with ‘successful masculinity.’ Somehow the discursive space I grew up in, found it very important to declare Fat Bodies undesirable and to shun them. This social logic of fat = undesirable is maintained by declaring this form of desire a fetish rather than a legitimate desire. If I desire the undesirable I lose the coveted title of ‘Normal.’


Femme Fat Fashion 2 | Hot Pink 50’s Dress

Jan 1, 2010 Here is another example of San Francisco’s Queer Femme Fat Fashion. Her outfit is great with the Hot Pink and Animal Print combo. The hair and makeup take it to another level.
I am intrigued by the silhouette. It is 50’s racy with her ankles and neckline.

What band is she in? Is it Mighty Slim Pickens?
I took it at SomArts for the Queer Arts Festival.
Her style reminds me of the styles coming out of San Francisco Fat Activist Burlesque and Pinups. This is another example of how a strong Femme Persona can be expressed in exuberant Fat Fashion.