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We met at Art Murmer in Oakland. We talked about art for a bit and about my gender activism. I love her tattoo on her leg, it is the alphabet in a retro letter type. There is a casual dissonance as well. The shirt, the skirt and the sandals, nothing even attempts to match.

I just returned from a weekend at Harbin Hotsprings in northern California. It is a post hippie, freak place where I used to study Watsu. It is a fairly tolerant of gender non-conformity. It is the only place I have ever seen anyone with tits and a penis sunbathing naked. That is an edgy form of gender activism. I saw a three or four trans girls while I was there.
It is a nice place to go if you want to push some gender presentation edges in a relaxed supportive environment.


S. always has an interesting look. She is mixes patterns without overwhelming. Perhaps, because she is sticking to red, black, white.
The jacket is terribly interesting. I would wear everything here except the skirt. I like skirts on curvy hips, not straight hips like mine.

Punk gives an interesting palette of ideas to play with. I would label this look Straight Queer Riot Grrl. I have been taking more shots in ‘straight queer’ settings. To become postgendered we must transcend gender in all its facets, including the homo/hetero. Post gender leads me to post-maculinism, but it also implies post-fags, post-dykes and post-straights.

Here is a queer street fashion shot from my archives. She has the Butch look and attitude down. Somehow female masculinity is more gentle than male masculinity. There seems to be less entitlement and more reciprocity.

Looking beautiful at Ships in the Night. I asked "Is this High Femme?" She answered "Finally! someone get it."
This is a different interpretation of femme than I am used to. I am used High Femme looking dangerous. Our Femme is on the cute side of the danger spectrum.

Queerdo fashion taken at Ships in the night. P. looks is very playful. I am envious of her glasses. I like how she deconstructed her shirt.

These lovely women identified as very Femme, but not High Femme. I like both of their looks. I took this pic at Ships in the Night.

I love the dress, the shoes and her attitude. I took this pic at Ships in the Night.
Ships in the night is a inclusive queer dance party at the Gangway. It is one of my favorite fashion events in the city.