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Why I use Mab & Fab

Posted: February 1, 2010 in Troll Wars

beautiful boy – white T w/ skinny jeans

Feb 1 2010
I took this shot in the Castro in San Francisco. He shows how very subtle effects of eyebrow shaping and (i think) eyeliner can make a huge impact

@polly Well female at birth would just be female people and/or implies you can become female later.

I am taking an agnostic position about whether anyone is female or can become female. For me that is the beauty of FAB as Female At Birth. It points backward at origins but makes assumptions about current sex/gender/body. In queer SF FTM’s are a much more visible presence than MTF’s. I feel comfortable referring to them as Female At Birth but I would never hang the label female on them.
I have decided that the terms Male and Female are no longer useful for communication. There are three main definitions of the Male/Female duality
1) Traditional | Female = Female At Birth (this is an immutable essence)
2) Transsexual | Female = Female At Birth – Female to Male Transsexuals + Male To Female Transsexuals (Also an immutable essence)
3) Social Construction | Female has no ontological reality. A baby is female if it is assigned female. An MTF is Female when femaleness is projected upon them.


I talk about the Troll wars between the RadFem Blogoshere and the Serranoan Trans-feminist Blogosphere | an obnoxious trans activism, I talk about ‘Cis Guilt’ as homologous to ‘White Guilt’

Crossing Swords With Aria Blue

Posted: January 15, 2010 in Troll Wars

Sister Of Perpetual Indulgence: Paris House

Jan 17, 2009
Aria Blue has written a challenge in my comments.

Yeah, here’s the thing Jasper. I was born physiologically “different” than you, and your denial of that just makes you look silly. We have no “shared origin at birth”; your claim is an attack on my personal sovereignty as well as reality.


Femme Fat Fashion 2 | Hot Pink 50’s Dress

Jan 1, 2010 Here is another example of San Francisco’s Queer Femme Fat Fashion. Her outfit is great with the Hot Pink and Animal Print combo. The hair and makeup take it to another level.
I am intrigued by the silhouette. It is 50’s racy with her ankles and neckline.

What band is she in? Is it Mighty Slim Pickens?
I took it at SomArts for the Queer Arts Festival.
Her style reminds me of the styles coming out of San Francisco Fat Activist Burlesque and Pinups. This is another example of how a strong Femme Persona can be expressed in exuberant Fat Fashion.

Queer Fat Femme Fashion | Hot Pink Leggings

Dec 31 2009
This was taken at Four Barrels on Valencia. I love M.’s outfit. Queer Fat Girls in San Francisco are creating a new sex-positive fat fashion.
This outfit is typical in a few ways:
1) Fitted silhouette – The leggings and dress emphasize her form rather than hiding it. She has a great hourglass form and she shows it. She is not running from her beautiful belly like mainstream fat fashion tries. The belly can’t be hidden on any body without losing the body’s lines.
2) Femme – Femmy clothing works well on really femmy bodies. I see fitted dresses, skirts and leggings
3) Bright Colors and Makeup- I love M.’s Hot Pink Leggings. Her pinup style makeup is perfect.

Overall she achieves a sexy confidence by embracing her form and working with it.

I made a one minute video where I talk about this photo. You can find it and other Body Positive art at:

Sex-Neg = Mab-Neg

Posted: December 31, 2009 in Troll Wars

Sexing it Up at Bondage-a_Go-Go

Dec 29 2009
This was my Bondage-a-Go-Go outfit. In the end It was too sexy for the club. A lot of women liked it, but a few of the straight Males got aggressive. I had crossed a scary line where I loose my “human” status. Twice boys told their girlfriends to stop interacting with me. A blatant, social performance of othering which is more intense than the simple stinkeye. I was glad that I was not alone with any of those hostile Males. That is the risk of sexing it up as a Mab Femme.
I have recorded earlier Bondage-a-Go-Go experiences in my Queerpedia.

The Troll Wars of 2009

Posted: December 30, 2009 in Troll Wars

Bondage-A-Go-Go, SF, Dec 2009

Dec 2009
I took this shot at Bondage-a-Go-Go, the fetish danceclub in the SOMA district of San Francisco. It is one of my recent favorite photos. It makes me love photography again. Alison was inside getting here ass flogged in the BDSM play space. With her beautiful, big, round ass she never has any trouble finding Mab (Male at Birth) or Fab (Female at Birth) play partners.